Meet The Team


Shaurya Mathur

Here to help future pet owners add a new member to their family


Nikita Bala

Here to ensure a smooth transition into a loving home

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Vikrant Singh

Here to save the pets from Unethical Monsters

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Kashish Aggarwal

Here to help you pick your future bab

Who Are We? 

Your extended pet family who love your pets

People who will provide you solutions to everything your pet needs

People working to improve the pet culture of India

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Hey! We Love Pets

Welcome to the most loving pet family of India. 

Litterfam is just obsessed with furry creatures. We are a group of pet-crazy people, who work collectively towards one common motive; to give your pets the best of everything. We are known to be the best online pet consultants in Bangalore. 

At Litterfam, we are constantly striving to improve the pet culture of India and make the best pet needs access to every pet family. We are also determined to replace unethical breeding with responsible practices and work for the welfare of pets.

Our values are strongly and very humbly based on just being human, and treating all creatures as one, including your pets. We understand that your pets are like your family and they deserve care like any other family member. 

We have everything your pet needs. Talk to our consultants and get advice on what pet/breed is best for you. Learn how to train your pets with our pexperts. Get the best grooming and nutrition services for your furry friend and talk to our expert vets to keep your pooch healthy all the time. We have it all. 

Your pet is our family.

Come, be a part of our extended pet family and give your pets the best care that they deserve.