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"A Saint Bernard will be your fluffy friend in the body of a giant soft toy”

Saint Bernard is a large sized dog breed that has its origins in the colder regions of Italy and Switzerland, primarily known to be used as a working and rescue dog. With the huge build and a big fluffy fur cover, a Saint Bernard dog can reach a height of 26 to 30 inches, and weight of about 60 to 80 kgs depending on the type and gender. They are better suited to cold climates, and upon good care and living conditions, a Saint Bernard dog can live for up to 10 years. 

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Why should you get a Saint Bernard Puppy in Bangalore ?

Saint Bernard dog, also called the “Gentle Giant”, is one of the largest breed of dogs in India. This massive breed is amongst the calmest and most patient dogs you can have, and are often fooled around for their laziness. But, in situations, a Saint Bernard dog could be one of the most destructive dogs because of its sheer size and strength. A fluffy fur coat is one of the Saint Bernard’s most attractive features and their elegance, intelligence, and friendliness towards people is often appreciated. 

Saint Bernard in Bangalore is rare, and bringing one for yourself will definitely get you out of the league. Getting a Saint Bernard puppy in bangalore is now as easy as any other breed.  Just make sure that you keep your fluffy friend in appropriate living conditions and he will make you stand out all the time.  

Being one of the largest breed of dogs in India, maintaining a Saint Bernard in India is a hefty task. The daily diet of a Saint Bernard should include high quality dog food, boiled vegetables and lean meats. Also, they need to live in cold conditions, so it is advised to only pet them in cold regions or keep them in air conditioned spaces. A Saint Bernard puppy can grow up to be weak and timid if not kept in the right condition. They also shed a lot of fur on a daily basis, so regular grooming is important. 










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