Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. Tangible goods and services


1.1 Rehoming


We do not entertain any Rehoming of the puppies post-placement. In case you wish to rehome, you can always reach out to us at Please read our terms of service to learn more about rehoming charges.


1.2 Blocking Amount


LitterFam can collect up to 100% of the amount upfront as a booking token for our program. For any reason, if the user cancels the program, LitterFam is not liable to refund any amount. Otherwise, if LitterFam cancels the booking, LitterFam is liable to provide 100% refund for the amount collected. 


1.3 Cancellation


If the User decides to cancel the booking before placement, the entire booking amount collected upfront shall stand forfeited. 


Where the user decides to cancel the “add-on services” no compensation monetary or otherwise will be paid. 


2. Non-tangible irrevocable goods("Digital products")

We do not issue refunds for non-tangible irrevocable services ("digital products") once the order is confirmed and the same is added in your cart.

Contact us at if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.


For any further questions about the Terms of Service, please reach us at