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Must-Read: Are You Prepared To Be A Pet Parent?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

4 insightful instances from the lives of (busy) dog owners in India

A dog is like a little child; the kind that demands being fed and groomed and cared for. It could be a Great Dane that shoots up from 13 inches to 36 inches within twelve months. It could be a Pomeranian that goes from weighing 2.5 ounces to 2.5 kilograms in its lifespan. A known fact about dogkind remains that they take the role of a baby (that barks) in your life. 

So, LitterFam asked city residents an important question: “What does it take to be an ideal dog parent?” and this is what the team found out. 

An interesting and memorable year for the Hegde family: 2017. It was in this year that they had decided to welcome another member into their tribe, Scotch. A blue-eyed Siberian Husky, Scotch was expected to be athletic and agile even as a family dog. And, he is. “Scotch is always light on his feet, social and outgoing,” expressed parents, Naman and Natasha. Also, they mentioned that their “human children take turns taking Scotch out for walks and runs every day.” They believe that it takes effort to be a good dog-carer and concluded with: “You have to be willing to go the extra mile. Well, in this case, gallop the extra mile.” 

It has been a whole year for Devika and Samarth Goyal to have embraced Dash as their quadruped housemate. A Saint Bernard, Dash has been “nothing but a lovely partner-in-crime to us,” said Samarth. This gentle giant dog breed is known to be intelligent and protective in nature. “He knows what he wants and how to get it,” both pet owners asserted. But, this trait of being strong-willed makes it difficult for most owners to take charge around them. And so, over time the Goyals discerned that it takes attention to mould this breed into obedient and well-mannered pets. “Today, Dash is the good-est boy around us and a real delight to pet. All that attentiveness in the first few months paid off,” said Devika. 

A freelance writer, Sasha Gopalakrishnan recalled, “It was the month of June and my fiancé had got Caramel [Chihuahua] as a birthday gift.” The feisty Caramel has been an ideal dog for Sasha in more ways than one. It was a small-sized pupper suited to live in her two-bedroom apartment. It was hypoallergenic, thereby allowing her to avoid any allergic reactions to the dander. But, after seven months, she realised that Caramel had become exceptionally hyperactive. She said, “Although they belong to the toy breed category, they have an arrogant attitude and it takes patience to train them and be around them but it's worth the unconditional love one gets in return.” 

After three months of living alone, realtor Mohit Jain had adopted the French Bulldog - Mara. A true companion, Mara has been “stubborn yet courageous and loving since day one.” He revealed that even after researching the breed, he had missed out on one essential detail. It was that Bulldogs are muscular and hefty and thus, they require a high-protein diet. And so, for a vegetarian like Mohit, it was a tough choice to change a century-long norm in his household. But, he did it anyway. As an outcome of his love for Mara and her health, he started serving her chicken with rice. “It was important for Mara. It takes compromise,” he stressed. 

Well, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready for this life-changing decision. If you’re still uncertain about the answer, you must get in touch with Team Litter Fam for expert advice. And, always remember that it is better to be fur-miliar with the pros and cons of becoming a pet parent than be sorry.