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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Ideal Dog Breed For Yourself

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Are you looking to get a new pet dog? Well, read this before you start your search for one. 

A known fact about dogs is that they have been ‘man’s best friend’ for many millennia. And so, the process of choosing a specific dog breed is like choosing your long-term best friend; the kind you cannot break up with over slight tiffs or miffs. 

If you’re looking for an ideal furry friend, add these points to your breed-checklist:

1. Purpose 

As the dog-kind have diverse tendencies, you must apprehend (even vaguely) why you want one to begin with. It might be for multiple reasons - whether to guard your home or to simply keep you company - varied dog types offer varied added advantages. For instance, while the German Shepherd makes for an exemplary protector, the Golden Retriever can be categorized as an exceptional companion. Hence, it’s best to discern your expectations from your pet-to-be before committing yourself. 

2. Cost  

A reality-check for potential pet owners: Dogs are expensive. And yes, we mean that they will cost you more than you would have forecasted initially. In fact, some dog breeds can be deemed as costlier to raise over others. An example would be the Chow Chow - a large-sized dog that requires timely grooming unlike the Greyhound - a super sleek breed that has low grooming needs. Therefore, it's recommended to keep your budget in mind before getting either a low or a high maintenance puppy in haste. 

3. Size

At first thought, the stature of a dog might seem irrelevant but it matters; it’s just as important as the size of your yard and the age of your children. All paw-some pets require their space to bark, wag and trot. And, while the smaller ones like Chihuahuas are not always tolerant of children, the taller ones like the Great Dane are not ideal for someone living in a studio apartment. Thus, one must decide on an ideal dog breed that allows mutual comfort between the petter and the pet. 

4. Routine  

All canine beings have symbiotic relationships with their owners, where they love and care for one another. In fact, it never turns out well as a one-way street. But, to establish this bond, the pet parent must invest time and patience while nurturing the puppy. If your routine restricts you from allocating attention toward your future best friend, you must consider getting a French Bulldog. However, if you can run around for exercise and brush their coat for hygiene, you could get yourself the gorgeous Siberian Husky or the Akita. 

5. Allergy 

Any dog might cause potential allergic reactions in those around them. And, it cannot be taken lightly. From fur and saliva to dander (flakes of dead skin) and urine, any allergen can lead to swelling, itching, coughing and even shortness of breath. If you’re allergic to the shedding coat of a dog, the hypoallergenic type such as the Shih Tzu or the Poodle should be your first choice. If not, you have innumerable breeds to take your pick from. Nevertheless, it’s highly suggested to get tested for allergies before getting one. 

It can be said that different dog breeds are “right” for different people. And, it’s essential to consider the factors mentioned above before getting one for yourself. 

And, when you do, have the best paw-sible time with your new best friend!

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