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Pari, an Angel.

It was a cold wintery evening in 2005 that our children’s wish for a pup was fulfilled. We got them a Golden Retriever pup ……. just 7 weeks old!!

We were overjoyed to receive the bundle of joy as an addition to our family. We were all so excited that we sat through the evening to make her comfortable in my old shawl. My husband browsed through the (slow) internet to look for a suitable name. He came up with three names, Diva, Angel, and Peppy, however I was in favor of a Hindi name. On her first night with us, the pup was whining at 1.30 a.m. My husband put his hand down and she started suckling it. He lifted her in his hands and she looked like a Pari (Angel). And so we decided to name her just that...Pari. She was an adorable furball with small little paws. In the initial days we learned how to take care of her food, little walks around the house, sleep, and make her comfortable & cozy at night. The children, our daughter 12 and son 9, were thrilled and excited to have her as their fur companion. She was equally excited and competed with them in all games.

Pari brought us constant joy and happiness. Her unconditional love had engulfed our lives. She was fond of my home-cooked food. She even ate my husband’s poori aloo(Local food in India) and achar(Pickle). I always felt that she was more of a human than a dog. She loved playing with her brother and sister and it was fun watching them play hide and seek. We slowly got accustomed to the different ways in which she communicated to us. Like, in the initial days, when she was not feeling too well she would stop eating and that made me a bit worried. Soon, I understood all her expressions and indications of what she was feeling and I knew exactly, what she needed.

We shifted to another house after some time and here she made friends with two Alsatians. Though she wasn’t too friendly with other dogs she preferred playing with her bro and sis. Our daughter and son were her two friends, with whom she played and fought like any other child. In the pecking order, she always felt that she was equal to our daughter but the son was certainly quite beneath her!! She even helped them out during meals when they quietly slipped food that they didn’t want to eat and she would happily gulp it down!!

She was a KCI(Kennel Club of India) registered dog and participated in a dog show and also managed to win a trophy that we were all very proud of and displayed it prominently. Pari, of course, was more interested in the cake prepared to celebrate her win!!

They say dogs have a vocabulary of 200 words. Pari certainly had many times the number because she could understand everything that we spoke and she would let us know that by showing small gestures and wagging her tail!

Pari had a calm temperament and was a happy, and friendly baby. We as a family were amazed at her vocabulary. She had soft brown eyes which were so expressive. She could express her emotions through her eyes. Pari was very playful but hated taking a bath. She played with balls of every kind, be it a tennis ball or football. She loved traveling and car rides. Every day when my husband returned from the office she would race into the car, jump in, and then had to be taken for a ride – just like any other child.

After living a full and happy life, she fell ill in September 2015. She was diagnosed with a tumor in the stomach and a big lump in one of her legs. We lived in proximity to a renowned Veterinary hospital. After a lot of medication, administration of drips for almost every day for a month, she became very ill and we lost her on 16 Oct 2015. She passed away in my arms. It was devastating for all of us. She was (is) our fur baby. We miss her so much. It’s been almost five years that she has gone away but we still miss her love, tricks, antics, and above all her constant presence in our lives. We will always remember her fondly. She will always hold a special place in our hearts and our lives.

She was named so aptly, “Pari, an Angel”, who gave us immense happiness and joy.
- By Anupama Mathur, Proud pet parent of Pari the Golden Girl


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