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“An Indian Pariah will be the desi boy of your house.” 

The Indian Pariah is official name of the Indie dog or the Indian street dog breed. It is one of the few Indian breed of dogs that still exists in its raw form and has not been through any selective breeding by humans. Also called INDog by some dog lovers, this desi dog breed is one of the best when it comes to love and affection. They can grow to a height of 20-15 inches and weigh at around 20-35 kilograms depending on the built. If taken care of properly, an India Pariah dog can live with you for up to 14 years. 

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Why should you get an Indian Pariah Puppy in Bangalore ?

This Indian street dog breed is one of the most underprivileged and underestimated dog breeds in the world. The Indian Pariah dogs are very smart, friendly, sociable and protective. Since they have been living on the streets, they have developed a natural quality of territorial protections as well as socialization with other dogs and humans. Due to the same reason, Indie dogs are also rough and tough, and can adapt to all living conditions and climates. The India Pariah dog breed was not even considered as a pet breed as these dogs are the so-called ‘street dogs’ in India. But people have now started to understand the capabilities of these desi dogs and are looking forward to buy them. 

Buying an Indian Pariah is probably not the only options for you. You can also pick a puppy from your neighborhood, but getting one from a certified pet dealer is recommended as street dogs can be very intuitive and unhygienic. 

As they have been living on the streets, they are quite on the go with everything they come across, and do not need much maintenance. Moderation is the key while maintaining them. This Indie dog breed does well on moderate diet with moderate exercises, moderate grooming and moderate training. If you want a dog that does not cost much and competes in qualities with other famous pedigree breeds of dogs, this Indian street dog breed would be the perfect choice for you. 


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