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“A Husky will be the most adorable and mischievous member of your family.”

Named after the Eskimos living in the arctic regions, Husky is a polar dog breed that was originally used to pulsleds sledges in the snow. But now, Husky is a very popular pet breed as they are very adorable and loyal. Husky dogs have visual similarities to snow wolfs and are similarly strong. They have medium-sizeded body structure that can reach a maximum height of 20-23 inches and a maximum weight of 25-27 kilograms. The husky dog breed is used to living in cold environments where they can live up to 14 years.

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Why should you get a Husky Puppy in Bangalore ?

Siberian Huskies are the most popular type of the breed and have some of the best qualities. They have a short double fur coat that comes in black, grey, white, or copper-red in color to protect them from the cold. Gentlbehavior behavior, friendly nature, athletic physique, and intelligence are some of the best-known qualities of the Husky dog breed. Being a breed of working dogs, they are also energetic, intelligent, and fairly strong. Husky puppies are very adorable and will keep a joyous and mischievous environment in your house for as long as they live with your family.

Husky in India is still a rare breed. Though Husky puppies are not well available in most parts of India, it is not recommended to pet them in areas of hot climate. If you live in colder regions and want a dog that is adorable, intelligent and mischievous, you should definitely buy a Husky in India. 

The price of a Husky puppy in Bangalore would give a big bang to your buck, but it is surely worth every penny. Get the best price for a Husky in Bangalore here.

Although they are very cute and intelligent, Huskies are one of the most difficult breed to maintain. They are accustomed to cold environments and have a very low tolerance to heat, so keeping them cool is very important. Their double fur coat sheds at least twice a year, so grooming and cleaning should also be very frequent. Huskies tend to eat more during winters to generate more body heat, and eat less during the summer, owners need to get used to this cycle. They also need a good amount of exercise on a daily basis. If any of the conditions are not favourable, they tend to get irritated and unhealthy.


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