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"A Golden Retriever will be your best Furry Friend"

Golden Retriever is a medium-large sized dog breed that has its origin in Scotland. This Golden Dog Breed is known for its vibrant golden shades and the soft furry coat. A healthy adult can grow up to about 20-24 inches in height and can weigh at around 25-35 kgs depending on the gender. Upon good care and living environment, your furry friend can be your companion for more than 12 years. The joyous temperament and great qualities of Golden Retrievers make them an ideal choice for an Indian house pet.

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Why should you get a Golden Retriever Puppies in Bangalore ?

Golden Retrievers Puppies are regarded as one of the best family dogs. They were originally bred for hunting and rescuing and so they are very good at swimming and fetching. The major qualities of Golden Retriever include their playful nature and friendly behavior. They are extremely obedient and very good with all age groups including children. One of the most distinct qualities of Golden Retriever is the soft feathering on the neck, legs, thighs, underside, and tail. You’ll just love cuddling with your golden one, and they love it too.

The qualities of Golden Retriever Puppies make it a great household pet in all moderate living conditions. They are already very famous as pets in the US, Europe, Australia & Canada, however, India is a place where a Golden Retriever is still a rarity. One of these fluffy creatures in your house will not only fill your life with joy, but also make you a center of attraction when you guys go for a walk in the park. You should definitely buy a Golden Retriever Puppies in Bangalore if you are looking for a cute and playful companion for you and your family. 

All these qualities and cuteness will definitely need some care. These fluffy creatures love outdoors, and will need to be taken out at least once every day. They are not very choosy eaters, but you will need to take care of what they eat to avoid diseases. The soft furry coat also comes with a little maintenance as they shed a generous amount of fur all the time and will need regular cleaning and grooming.

Maintenance & Cost

A good & healthy Golden Retriever Puppies in Bangalore can cost somewhere between Rs 20,000/- to Rs 70,000/- depending on the lineage of the parents and the breeder program. A general rule of thumb before buying a Golden Retriever Puppies in Bangalore would be to see the Dam(Mother of the puppy) as it has a 90% chance of resembling her.  The price can vary between male and female puppies.

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