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"A German Shepherd will be the best protector for your family"

German Shepherd is a medium-large sized shepherding dog breed, and is named after its origins in Germany. The breed was originally known as the Alsatian dog which was later changed to German Shepherd as it spread across the world. A healthy adult can grow up to about 22-26 inches in height and can weigh at around 25-40 kgs depending on the gender. German Shepherds are extensively used as search and military dogs and are extremely paw-pular as pet dogs in India.

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Why should you get a German Shepherd Puppies in Bangalore  ?

German Shepherd Puppies in Bangalore: Undoubtedly, the best quality of German Shepherds is their intelligence. They are very protective of their family and territory and show signs of aggression if they see any danger. However, they can be easily trained as puppies and become friendly with frequent acquaintances as they grow. Another great quality of German Shepherds is their obedience. They tend to stick by their owners’ instructions no matter what the situation is and can take smart and prompt decisions. This Alsatian dog breed is marked by their curious temperament and willingness to learn. If you pet a German Shepherd Puppies in Bangalore, India no one will be able to mess around your house and family.

A German Shepherd in India will protect you from house thefts and crimes that are pretty common in the country. Upon good care and living environment, it can be your protective companion for more than 12 years. Buy a German Shepherd Puppies in Bangalore and welcome an elegant and obedient member of your family.

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For someone as intelligent and protective as a German Shepherd, hefty care is due. They can become overprotective towards their family and territory if not trained and socialized properly, and can become a threat to even harmless strangers. German Shepherds love outdoors, and must be taken out at least once every day. They need to follow a rich and nutritious diet throughout their lifetime, and might get prone to some diseases later in their life if not fed properly.


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