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“A Doberman will be the most fearless and boldest member of your family.” 

The Doberman Pinscher or popularly known as the Dobermann is a medium to large-sized dog breed that has its origins in Germany. Doberman dog breed is known for its tenacity and driven attitude. They are fast, strong, easy to train and quick to learn. Doberman dogs can reach to a maximum height of 26- 28 inches and weigh at around 40-45 kilograms. They are found in shades and combinations of black, red, fawn and tan. A Dobermann can live with you for up to 14 years if taken care of properly. 

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Why should you get a Doberman Puppy in Bangalore ?

The Doberman dog breed is one of the best breeds when it comes to guarding and protecting. They are known for their speed, fast reactions, strength, confidence, and intelligence. When all these qualities are connected with aggression, it makes a Dobermann a very dangerous creature to mess with. Having such qualities, Doberman dogs are widely used for police and military purposes. Apart from all these, they can also be pretty friendly with known people, welcoming for safe outsiders and very loyal towards their master and household. Doberman puppies are easy to train and very quick to learn. Buying a Doberman in Bangalore will make your house safe from any buglers and protect your family with pride. 

Buying a Doberman puppy in Bangalore is a thing of pride. Dobermann owners are respected and often feared in many parts of the country as they are generally kept by people related to defence services. But you can also buy a Doberman in Bangalore if you are looking for a dog to protect your house and family with pride. 

As Doberman dogs are strong and athletic, they need a good diet to maintain their strength and athleticism. You need to give your Doberman puppy a high protein dog diet including lean meat from an early age and also give it a good amount of exercise including rigorous mobility sessions to keep it healthy throughout its life. Training is also a very important part of their maintenance. As they are strong and aggressive, they can become pushy, destructive, and unmanageable if not trained properly. 


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