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"A Dalmatian will be your energetic black & white buddy"

Dalmatian is a large-sized dog breed known for its energetic temperament and distinct white-colored fur with black spots. Originally found in Croatia, a Dalmatian dog has excellent muscular endurance and stamina, and so it has become a paw-pular family dog breed in many regions of the world. A fully grown male can reach a height of 23 to 24 inches and weigh at around 24 to 32 kgs. Dalmatian dogs are one of the longest living dogs in the world, and can live up to 16 years upon good care and living conditions.

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Why should you get a Dalmatian Puppy in Bangalore ?

Dalmatian dogs are very energetic and strong, and this is evident from their lean muscular built and agile body structure. They are extremely friendly to people and are very comfortable even around children. The reason Dalmatians dogs are very famous as pets in many countries is their ability to adapt to different living environments and intelligent behavior. Their agility and playfulness are appreciated all over the pet world and raising a Dalmatian puppy would be an experience full of wonderful memories. Unlike its black and white fur, a Dalmatian dog will make your life extremely colorful.

They are no longer a foreign breed. Dalmatians in India are now easily available and you can get a Dalmatian puppy in Bangalore for yourself very easily. They will not only be a great house pet but also the most energetic in the outdoors and make you stand out as a proud owner. 

The price of a Dalmatian in Bangalore is not something that you should bother about while buying one for yourself, they are totally worth any price.

The most important factor for the good health and maintenance of a Dalmatian dog is good nutrition and regular exercise. They need to do a fair amount of energetic work regularly to maintain their health and happiness. Dalmatians have unique white and black dotted fur which they shed moderately, so occasional grooming and cleaning is necessary. Maintaining a Dalmatian in India should not be difficult as they are adaptable to both hot and cold environments. ​


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