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Schedule a free 10-min call with LitterFam's Pet Parents/ Pet Experts before you get a companion to their forever home. Our pet experts will guide you through the entire process of being a pet parent and help you answer some of the basic questions before finding your furry best friend.

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Why do I need an Expert? 

Being a first-time pet parent can be challenging. It comes with a lot of decision making which can impact the overall well-being of your furry friend. Let our Pet Experts be a helping hand so that we can team up and find a healthy puppy in Bangalore and nurture the little one. 

From Our Fam

Jackie, Golden Retriever

I was so unprepared to get a pet. Thanks to LitterFam, I am a pet parent of a healthy Golden Retriever in Bangalore

They helped me throughout my journey and provided support at each step!

Bella, Labrador

LitterFam suggested me the perfect breed as per my requirements. They understood my position well and helped me find Bella, my Labrador Puppy in Bangalore . A big thank you to the team

Emo, Boxer

Wonderful experience with LitterFam! I always wanted a Boxer puppy in Bangalore However, I was unsure about a lot of things. My Pexpert really helped with all my questions and I met Emo! Thank you for being so patient with my queries!