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“A Boxer will be the fittest fighter of your house.”

Boxer is a medium-sized German dog breed that is known for its tough temperament and bravery. They have a lean and muscular physique with a partially muzzled small face resembling that of a Bulldog. The Boxer dog breed is comparatively larger and can grow up to 22-25 inches in height and 29-36 kilograms in weight. Being very fit and active, Boxer dogs also comparatively live longer and have a lifespan or 13-15 years.

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Why should you get a Boxer Puppy in Bangalore ?

Boxer dogs are known for their strong physique and tractable nature. They have a short smooth coat that is evenly spread throughout their body and comes in shades of white, fawn, and brindle. The Boxer dog breed is very energetic and has a playful and fearless attitude. Faithfulness towards the master and love for their household are also some of the most appreciated features of this hybrid dog breed. A boxer will keep you busy all the time, and in return would expect the same from you. Buying a boxer puppy would be a great choice if you want a breed that is energetic, confident, fairly intelligent, and maintains a playful environment in your house.

Boxers are gaining a lot of popularity and buying a boxer in India would definitely make you stand out of other pet families. They suit very well to Indian living conditions and Boxer puppies are now easily available almost everywhere in the country. 

The price of a Boxer in Bangalore varies depending upon the breed quality but it is not something that would limit you from buying one. Get the best price for a Boxer in Bangalore here.

When it comes to maintenance, a Boxer dog will not trouble you much. It has only one requirement, and that is exercise. Boxer dogs are active & need moderate to good amounts of exercise on a daily basis. Not doing enough physical activities can make them a bit moody and irritated. Grooming is not an issue for boxers as the fur is very short and smooth & doesn't get dirty frequently. Boxer dogs do well on any kind of dog food as well as


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