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Beagle breeds of dogs belong to the scent hound family, originally bred in the UK and used in hunting for their brilliant sense of smell. These small sized cuties come in a beautiful tricolor combination of white and black with brown shading. A fully grown Beagle dog can reach a height of 13 to 16 inches and weigh about 10 to 12 kgs. Beagle dog breed lives for quite a long time and if taken care of properly, your little new Beagle puppy can be with you for up to 15 years.

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Why should you get a Beagle Puppies in Bangalore  ?

The Beagle dog breed is mainly known for its beautiful tricolor fur coat, excellent sense of smell and fluent body features. They have disproportionately big ears to provide directional help to their smelling capabilities and are very calm and friendly with everyone. When it comes to fun, a Beagle dog will keep a joyous environment in the house with its charming behavior and playful attitude. This little scent hound would be a great house pet and the price of a Beagle Puppies in Bangalore will let you easily buy one

Beagle dog breed can be the best pet in India as it perfectly suits the living conditions of Indian households. A Beagle puppy can be easily grown to be a healthy Beagle dog without much maintenance and troubles. 

The qualities and the price of a Beagle Puppies in Bangalore make it a very eligible and affordable house pet. Get the best price of a Beagle Puppies in Bangalore here.

Beagle dogs are one of the most low maintenance pets you can have. They do well on high quality dog food and moderate exercise once in a day. The fur coat and color is undoubtedly the most attractive feature of the Beagle breed of dogs, which sheds moderately throughout the year. So some grooming will also be required at regular intervals. Otherwise, Beagle Puppies in Bangalore and dogs are mostly healthy and will not trouble you with heavy maintenance at all


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